News From The Past Sligo War Stories

News from the past is a project to commemorate the people of Sligo who fought in WW1. This blog will be used to share these stories.

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I actually came up with the question after watching a well known spiritual expert guy in a latest present about open public tv who made me wonder if anyone truly understands what it means to end up being "Religious". I won't mention titles here various other than to state that this person is certainly extremely well known and a broadly published writer of many best offering books. He claims to be a Dao Get better at, but get better at of what, duplicating estimates? His capability to estimate verbatim tons of clever quotations from the Dao, the Lao, the Tao, probably Mao and surely Harry Caray's Holy Cow, is beyond query, but can disciplined memorizing of estimates whose actual connotations are so clever that you have to struggle to understand their purpose, bring one to true spirituality or make you even more holy, and is normally spirituality as it can be explained a necessary or beneficial state of becoming? Rhetorical question of training course and the rhetorical answer is No.

Some monks and clerics sit silently for an entire life time, ritually bobbing back and forth with repetitious head nodding and additional compulsive habits causing a trance like state, isolated in monasteries on mountaintops contemplating an inner world that most would find extremely limited and intolerable, but to them, they possess achieved a religious state, albeit a pretty sterile one at best. Which brings up the following issue, is normally remoteness and a lifetime of contemplation helpful in attaining spirituality? Once again the reply is normally No. Nirvana and Heaven as your misconceptions speak of them do not really can be found and it's a great matter because this idealized final dissolution of identity into a great being would violate the unique purpose of "All That Is normally" to fragment and disperse itself throughout countless sides and universes and through performing this understand itself in all possible manifestations.

There are the Sunday morning tv evangelists who can quote every passage of the Bible and amaze you with their Biblical knowledge while they try to convince you that you are certainly a flawed, damned and sinful creation from birth whose just hope of finding salvation is through giving cash to them to support their lavish lifestyles. Of program, spirituality is certainly a personal matter, and who have always been I to inform you what it can be, since it is usually different to everyone, but if you bottom your interpretation of accurate spirituality on the above book definition, you would become producing a great mistake. And honestly, if you resided a heavenly life as it is certainly usually expected, you would end up being bored stiff to loss of life.

True spirituality does not come from repetition and memory of the writings of someone else, it does not sometimes come from someone else. Spirituality is not really something you can learn, it is normally not something you can research. You can read about the spiritual journeys of others, but your own spirituality will by no means come from without, but from within and not really so much from reading but from living and following your own route.

You look to others for a path to follow, and that's OK, but in very real terms, you just do this because you have been so indoctrinated in the belief in your sinfulness and the sinfulness of your contemporaries that you experience it necessary to look to others to show you the way to salvation. Occasionally in carrying out this, you limit your capability to feeling the true nature of spirituality which pervades your entire truth system from the lowliest to the most exalted, from the worm to individual awareness, and because you do not really sense the benefits surrounding you and the rightness of the organic globe and your place in it, will not make it any much less valid.

You use an arbitrary program of human imposed laws and regulations, sins and judgments to classify and evaluate what you consider good, bad, evil, godlessness and spiritual characteristics, while ignoring the evidences also surrounding your very being, of the good and love inherent in actually your most reprehensible acts. In a method that you are probably not really prepared to understand at this point, the galaxy could never have got emerged from a bed of malignant, devils and hate. In a method, you could state that the universe emerged out of a state of love and intense want to end up being. Hate is usually basically the absence of like, in a sense it is definitely a harmful condition arising from the absence of the positive condition. It is love, changed inside out.

I actually should tell you that this lifestyle of yours, the existence that you are living right now, is but one story of your lifestyle, and you did not decide on this existence, which you surely did, with the intention of following experts and spiritual instructors with bobbing brains and flowery phrases meant to save you from your individuality. You were delivered in a wonderful condition of sophistication and NO MATTER what you choose to do in-between in this existence, you will leave this lifestyle in a state of grace, whether or not someone wearing fantastic vestments sprinkles holy drinking water on your sinful coloring body. You can learn from the words of others, but no others have the power or capability to live your existence for you, and if you look for religious enlightenment, then search for it within yourself. In a way, the more you try to live your existence trying to safeguard against missteps and acting in a so called spiritual way, the farther you get from the true nature of spirituality. Here's a hint, if someone looks and functions religious, they are not.

You were not born yesterday, and on the day of your birth you did not enter this life with a blank slate, emerging from oblivion into physical life, no one knows nothing, there are however degrees of knowing. You emerged into this life with a history, with latent understanding, but if you don't understand that, you will not really appearance for it, since you no longer know that it is available, and one will not search for something that they no longer think is available. I possess said this before, but it holds repeating; at this stage of your development as a personality, you Find out, but you no longer understand you know. You are evolving toward a condition where you KNOW and you will KNOW you know. There is usually a big difference In that respect, I perform not really so very much teach you what I understand, but remind you of knowledge possessed by your internal self, and help bring it to the surface area of ego consciousness. That is why you will occasionally discover ayahuasca songs yourself stating "I knew that". You did, you simply don't understand you did.

Today, spirituality comes from within and without, but until today you have were known to search for spirituality from the knowledge of others and I show you that you find out even more about YOUR spiritual heritage than all religious and so known as religious gurus that have ever lived. True spirituality is certainly the understanding that in the midst of countless universes, systems, planes, dimensions, partial gods and God itself, that you are exclusive within this variety and you are indeed at the middle of your galaxy, no matter what anyone tells you. You possess not really one iota of sin about you, you had been not really born in sin and you are not really living in sin, and regardless of what you do on this trip, you cannot fall into sin since sin as you understand it will not exist. You are particular in all of the universe and there can be not really one other like you. You are an endless identity/personality. It makes no difference if you walk softly, action very humble, speak silently and lower your eye in distribution or actually spend hour after hour duplicating esoteric religious terms until you reach a hypnotic trance condition, numbing the intellect beyond acknowledgement.

You chose this life and any behavior that limits your living of life in ALL of its terms will inhibit your spiritual progress since real progress comes from the true life experienced, not from some watered down version of fluffy, ethereal encounter, but by jumping into your life foot first and learning from your errors. You chose a lifestyle to learn and that usually comes from dealing with challenging issues, but no problem was ever accepted by you that could eventually beat you. The answers to all of your life issues are available within you, normally you would not have got selected them in the first place. That being said, it can be usually even more advantageous to the character to initiate good functions rather than poor, but remembering that good and poor are relatives common sense phone calls, and what you consider great, others may consider bad. Always treat others as you would deal with yourself, and more importantly, usually treat yourself as you would treat others.

The road to true spirituality will never be found searching only outside or only inside, but will spontaneously emerge when you least expect it. You will find it in the morning mist at the seaside. You will discover accurate spirituality in the chill of a 1st wind driven snow or the view of a litter of kittens being given birth to. You will find a touch of your emerging spirituality the initial time you refuse to wipe out a pest, a seafood, a squirrel, or a human being. Many of you have currently reached that stage many years ago and were ridiculed and prosecuted when they refused to proceed to war and eliminate. You are all not at the same level of spiritual development and the reason for that can be nearly too simple to talk about, but I will in any case.

You did not all enter this (Earth) system of physical encounter at the same time, nor have you all experienced the same number of lives. Have not you ever pondered why some of your contemporaries seem therefore advanced and others are still living in darkness? In additional words and phrases, some of you got a head begin and because of that, after this existence, will leave capital t his system for other even more advanced planets before the others. I was not really sure precisely how to state this properly, but if you are unaware in this lifestyle, it does not really keep that you will immediately end up being sensible in the next, that upon death, you will become all understanding, but you will work through the troubles and you will learn given enough period and you possess all the period that you want.

Zero one evolves backward although there are some temporary retractions of intellectual prowess from existence to life that would produce it seem so. Finally, those who try the hardest to end up being spiritual and holy will generally end up being the last to discover true spirituality, but you will by no means end up being capable to convince them of this truth, nor should you.

True spirituality realizes the sanctity of All of the LIFE, and although you find it necessary at this time to kill to eat, you will evolve beyond that need to have. Until after that, it can be merely the method you decided to go with to evolve your reality system and that want was meant to end up being temporary. True spirituality understands your connection with every additional living matter and respects the right of all existence to live a productive and worth satisfied lifestyle. Spirituality recognizes their oneness with nature and the environment. Accurate spirituality can become, but generally will under no circumstances become discovered in a chapel or on your legs. True spirituality will end up being yelled from the mountaintop and whispered alike in the silence of night time, and no character that says "Look at me, I are religious" will be spiritual. Spirituality is normally not really something you acquire, it is certainly something you are, it is definitely woven within the chromosomes of your extremely essence and it cannot become turned on and off. Finally, spirituality is certainly part of every fibre of your personal, and all you possess to do is definitely to live your life to the fullest, harming no additional factor and enabling all additional consciousness the same correct to lifestyle.

A religious person follows his own path, allowing whole movement of his emotions; to restrain feelings only causes obstructions of the free of charge and unimpeded movement of innovative energy. Emotions and emotions, also though they may seem aggressive or belligerent are valid emotions and to repress them is restricting of the real character of the nature. Spirituality is usually approached when the specific personality influences his very own feelings and feelings and identified them as a necessary and valid component of his identity. One who by no means gets crazy will hardly ever experience accurate joy. Spirituality is certainly savoring the pleasure natural in life itself, shifting with the stream of life quickly and understanding your organic condition of elegance.

Existence is easy if you are doing it right. Sure, there will end up being complications and problems that you will appear to accidentally encounter, not really understanding that you yourself provides produced them for your very own advantage. You may think that as you evolve and grow and live in worlds and realities beyond anything you can now imagine, that life will be issue free, but you will usually have got problems to solve and difficulties to meet. Actuality exists only because of the sensitive unbalances that difficulties create.

If you were perfectly poised walking on a tightrope, under no circumstances faltering, securely fixated and balanced, you would achieve something approaching a hypnotic trance like state. It is normally only when you start to fall, that you wake up up, come to life, attempt to regain your stability, battle to once once again to obtain that sought after state of balance. This instability, this state of discrepancy and the attempt to regain balance is definitely what initiates within action the primary creation of "Identification" and Truth itself. These issues will under no circumstances end if lifestyle is to continue in any system.

What I am trying to say here is "live your life on life's terms, joyfully accept life's challenges and you will rise above them and you will benefit from the endeavor. Isolate yourself in a cocoon of repeated dogma and your will only deter your true emotional development. Existence can be supposed to live, not to isolate yourself and protect by erecting walls of tangible or words. If you believe that you just have one life to live, after that all of this may seem quite tragic to you. You perform not really possess to follow the wisdom of a Dao, Tao or Mao to discover accurate enlightenment, since true enlightenment comes from and through all personas, you just have to recognize it when you perceive it. To that end, here are a few terms that I find truly insightful and from the most less likely resources.
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James Duffy was born in Sligo on the 1st of May, 1890 to James and Mary Duffy.  As a child, James with his parents emigrated to Edinburgh where he learned the skill of stone cutting and became a successful long distance runner with the Edinburgh Harriers.

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Thomas Crofton was born on the 3rd October 1889 at Longford House, Beltra near Ballisodare. He graduated from Trinity in 1912 as a civil engineer and went to work in Canada. On the 5th August 1914 when war was declared he immediately signed up with the Canadian Scottish Infantry as a Private. Within months he was undergoing training in England to join the British and French forces in Flanders. In December he applied for a commission with the Connaught Rangers and was accepted. By August 1915 he was appointed a Captain and got posted overseas for the first time where he was involved in numerous military actions.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_JosephOBeirne_20140530-085906_1.pngJoseph OʼBeirne was from Kilnamonagh near Collooney, Co. Sligo.

He was a devoted Roman Catholic all his life and a member of the Knights of Columbanus and a member of the Teeling Football team.

In 1910 he applied unsuccessful for a job as a rent collector with the Sligo Rural District (Image 2) and so in 1911 like so many men of the county who were unable to find employment he emigrated to America and settled down to a new life in New York.

In August 1917 he was conscripted into the US Army and joined up with the Co.D, 60th Infantry, Division 5 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He was one of the first to receive the draft and by all accounts made a good soldier.

In early 1918 the 60th Infantry were moved across the Atlantic to France for combat duties. By November of that year Private Joseph OʼBeirne found himself in Verdun, France. He wrote his last letter home on the 5th November 1918.

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